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The Endoscopy Box- eBox

The EBOX was developed by Dr Ashley Roberts, Consultant Gastrointestinal Radiologist, University Hospital of Wales (UHW), and Mr ‪Rob Mcleod, ENT surgeon and WCAT fellow, Cardiff University.‬


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, both Rob and Ashley had been independently working on developing physical barriers to protect staff during invasive procedures such as intubation, tracheotomy and upper GI endoscopy. The fusion of their ideas has resulted in the EBOX.

Neil Warren (Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy) has been instrumental in evaluating the proof of concept in laboratory conditions, and Jason Callow (DIPEC Plastics Ltd) has also been advising the design process and manufacturing the EBOX.

We have had further support in evaluation of the original by anaesthetic colleagues, particularly Dr Sharmila Cote. We have gained approval from the Medical Director of the Clinical Innovation Partnership between Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, and the Executive Medical Director of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, as well as advice from Infection Prevention and Control at UHW.

The Radiographic and Nursing teams at UHW have been critical, as they have embraced the concept and provided constructive feedback in finalising the current design-the EBOX. 

Chartiable Funding

Initially through donations from friends and family, Garner Roberts set up the Intubation Box Charitable Trust, and since then we have had significant donations from Rotary, as well as the general public. This has enabled us to pursue the project with vigour, building and testing prototypes in the laboratory, and evaluating the concept in both upper gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures (including EUS and ERCP) and tracheostomy.


Dr Sunil Dolwani, President of the Welsh Association for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy has enabled us to disseminate the work through the circulation list. 


Consequently, we have provided the EBOX to numerous endoscopy units across Wales with a £0.00 invoice, as the cost and transport is covered by the Charitable Trust. 

These evaluation studies to assess generalisability are currently underway. The boxes have been delivered on the understanding that we will receive feedback, and the Health Boards have an opportunity to donate to the charity to fund further rollout of the work. 

This should provide more boxes free of charge. We are very grateful to Emile Bines and his family for delivering the boxes around Wales. 

Image showing evaluation of the eBox with a simulated cough. UV fluid was used from a small balloon exploding within a mannequins oral cavity to simulate a cough. UV fluid can be seen spead over the inside of the box. 


Image showing UV fluid on the endoscopist after a simulated cough without eBox when wearing PPE 




Please get in touch with us if you wish to be involved or have ideas for further improvements

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